The approach was refreshingly new

The Celsio approach was refreshingly new. They worked with the team on a consensual approach to our innovation strategy that had buy-in from all the team members

Kris Thompson

Head of Customer Journeys & Digital Channels, Danske Bank UK

Great to work with

Celsio were great to work with.

We’d tried to create an innovation strategy before, but it was a one-off exercise that was destined to be left on a shelf.

Celsio worked with us to ensure the strategy had a heartbeat, secured buy-in from staff and senior teams alike, and was fit to underpin the future direction of the council.

Carmel O’Hare

Carmel O’Hare
Director of Corporate Services & Innovation, Monaghan County Council

Immediate increase in customer engagement

At LuJam we’d been struggling to communicate our value proposition when they showed us techniques to identify and develop a simple metaphor for what we do. This metaphor led to us defining a new succinct business centric message resulting in an immediate increase in customer engagement.

Tim Moran

Founder and CEO, LuJam Cyber

Interesting, engaging and thought provoking

I was bracing myself for a lot of writing on post-it notes and flip charts, so was relieved this wasn’t the case. Charlie got the whole group talking well Everyone was engaged, friendly and open to listening to each other. Charlie was very knowledgeable and clearly new his

The session was interesting, engaging and thought provoking, with plenty of practical tools and ideasto put into practice

Simon Anderson

Worthing Homes

Buzzing with ideas

I came away from the session buzzing with ideas and determined to make some time to put them into place. I generated a much better understanding of why an innovation strategy was important, which if I’m honest I went into thinking it wasn’t. I had the bones of a strategy to work on once I got back and got loads of value out of meeting other people and organisations on the same journey as us’

Jayne Lawson

Thirteen Group

Showed us how to think differently

The online workshops showed us how to think differently about our ideas and challenges and gave us the tools and skills we needed to work out how to exploit opportunities. Within two weeks of the workshop we were developing new services based on what we learnt.

Mostyn Thomas

MD, Astrix Integrated Systems

Impressed by expertise and knowledge of innovation

The Executive MBA group were very impressed by Celsio’s expertise and knowledge of innovation and the delivery style was exciting and engaging. The session inspired them to excel in the real-world innovation projects they were working on with global start-up companies.

Dr Shirley Davey

Innovation & Management Development, University of Ulster

Great content, well presented

Great content; Well presented; Lots of rich examples; Professional but approachable presenter. This was an engaging and informative workshop! Charlie is a friendly and competent presenter with deep knowledge and experience in the field of innovation, whose illustrative and varied stories helped innovation come alive!

Philippe Demougin

Property Innovation Manager, Flagship