Celsio emerged from a deep-rooted frustration with corporate innovation programmes and consultancy models.

Innovative businesses experience faster growth, improved efficiencies, and better staff engagement than non-innovative businesses. Every business wants to become more innovative; few manage it.

Our technology-first approach accelerates change, helping you to achieve your goals faster. We assist you to navigate the ever-changing terrains of the business world, empowering the innovators within your teams to lead transformation.

We believe in autonomy. Our job is to get you started, help you set the direction, develop your skills, equip, and invigorate your internal champions to lead the way.

Our purpose

To foster a culture of innovation that drives overall business improvement.

What we do today, shapes tomorrow. Our insights, strategy and planning deliver solutions that have lasting impact. Our core purpose is to impart the skills, knowledge and the mindset that creates a culture of innovation to drive growth and improve efficiencies.

Our values

In our pursuit of fostering innovation, our core values serve as our guiding principles.

Integrity is at the heart of everything we do, ensuring transparency in all our endeavours. Diversity is our cornerstone, as different perspectives fuel creativity and lead to breakthrough thinking. Excellence is our aspiration, as we continuously strive to help our clients achieve unparalleled success and reach heights unimagined.

Charlie Tuxworth

Charlie is an experienced business leader with expertise in innovation, leadership, and enterprise software. 2013 saw Charlie take on the innovation brief in a UK Financial Services plc, where he designed and implemented an enterprise programme to drive internal and external innovation.

As a member of the National Standards Authority of Ireland, Charlie co-wrote the introduction to ISO56002 on behalf of UNIDO/ISO. He is a member of the international team setting the standards for innovation and is driving a global initiative to create the first internationally recognised Competency Framework for Innovation Management.

Charlie delivers innovation and creativity programmes on behalf of universities and the UK government, and is the founder of Innovate Island, an all-Ireland not-for-profit collaborative network of innovation practitioners, students, and advocates.

David Mawhinney OBE

David is an experienced CEO with a long successful track record of working with, and directing technology start-ups, established blue-chip companies, PLCs, and Private Equity. He has held several board positions within technology businesses, including Equiniti PLC as Group Head of Innovation.

Committed to economic and social development, David works with private and public sectors, actively promoting transformational change through the power of innovation, collaboration, creativity, and skills development.

David is a former British Computer Society IT Professional of the Year, a recipient of Deloitte’s Best Managed Business, and has been recognised for services to the IT industry with an OBE and an honorary fellowship of Belfast Metropolitan College.